Unitronics IO Expansion Modules

IO ModulesExpand your system with a wide variety of Unitronics' remote or local I/O expansion modules, An I/O expansion adapter allows you to connect various local or remote I/O combinations to Vision series PLCs.

Unitronics Modem Kits

GPRS/GSM kit, including quad band (850/900/1800/1900MHz) modem,
antenna, PC cable, power cable and connectors

Unitronics Snap-In IO Modules

altUnitronics' Snap-In modules can be added simply by snapping the Inputs and Outputs directly to the back of a Vision PLC, Snap-In modules are compatible with all V200,V500,V1040 and V1210 Vision series models.

Unitronics V100 Comm Modules


Vision350 includes 1 built-in RS232/RS485 port. Up to 2 additional communication ports can be installed in each unit (not all combinations apply, see specifications).

Unitronics V200 Comm Modules


Enhance your communication capabilities with a variety of these Unitronics COM modules:Profibus,Ethernet,CANbus,Isolated RS232/RS485,and RS232/RS485