Tempco Band Heaters

altUsed to heat cylindrical surfaces and are available in several construction styles to perform under different operating conditions.

Tempco Cable and Coil Heaters

altThe flexibility of mineral insulated cable allows the MightybandTM heater to be coiled, formed, wrapped around pipes or used straight, It can also be cast-in to metal or welded onto machine component parts.

Tempco Cartridge Heaters

altCartridge heaters are typically inserted ino drilled holes to heat platens and molds or used as liquid immersion heaters.

Tempco Cast In Heaters

altUsed in plastic processing, food warming, semiconductor manufacturing, and other industries. Available in aluminum and bronze alloys.

Tempco Ceramic Fiber Heaters


Tempco Ceramic Fiber Insulated Heaters produce fast, efficient, and reliable uniform heat to temperatures of 1100°C (2012°F). Higher temperature ratings, up to 1300°C (2372°F), are available with custom designs.

These heaters are comprised of high quality helically wound Fe-Cr-Al alloy resistance wire elements embedded in a rigid body of vacuum-formed high temperature refractory fiber. This ceramic fiber insulation has very low weight, thermal mass and thermal conductivity and thus can handle extremely rapid cycling.

Tempco Flexible Heaters

altUsed in food service equipment, guidance systems, laminators, and many other applications.

Tempco Gemini Medium Wave Radiant Heaters

altGemini Infrared Heater Technology Emulates The Efficiency of Solar Energy in a Convenient Package for Hundreds of Industrial and Commercial Applications.

Tempco Infrared Ceramic E-Mitters

altInfrared radiant heat energy can be delivered to concentrated areas at a very fast rate with individual heaters or arrays.

Tempco Infrared Heating Array Systems

altCost Effective and Self-Contained eramic Infrared Panel Heaters OFfer Ease of Installation and Trouble Free Performance.

Tempco Infrared Radiant Panels

altInfrared Medium Wave Panel Heaters will accomodated a Diverse Selection of Process Heating Applications Requiring the Advantages of Medium Wave Infrared Heating.

Tempco Infrared Virtual Solar Glow Heaters

altTruly Efficient Infrared Heating Systems

The small amount of energy that is not reflected by the gold or white layer is conducted through the ceramic body to an optional insulated layer of ceramic fiber. This highly efficient system of insulating layers guarantees that very little heat energy is wasted to the surrounding environment

Tempco Process Heaters

altBasic liquid immersion heaters to highly engineered turnkey process circulation heating systems.

Tempco Quartz Mini Tube E-Mitters

altHigh Intensity Medium Wave Quartz Mini-Tube Infrared Heaters.

Tempco Strip Heaters

altUsed in the surface heating of tanks, as the heat source in industrial ovens, and for heating air and other inert gases.

Tempco Tubular Heaters

altAvailable in several diameters, lengths, and sheath materials; can be formed into virtually any shape, brazed or welded to any metal surface.

Tempco Vitreous Silica Quartz Tube

altTempco Radiant Quartz Heaters are one of the most efficient sources of radiant energy. Quartz heaters can deliver near and far infrared wavelengths, which is more effective than a single wavelength.